Act III - The Awakening of Athena

Now, it is the last act of this version. Equip Seiya with Cosmo of Friendship and Save the game.

The first fight is CORVUS Jamian. Not hard, just keep Expanding Cosmo and you won't have much problem.

In the third turn (again!) Jamian will send loads of his minions to attack you, if this happens you just need to Expand Cosmo and you will get free.

After the fight, OPHIOUCUS Shaina will appear, unequip the Cosmo of Friendship from Seiya. Talk to Athena and watch the cutscene. You can talk to Shina but nothing will happen. After the fall, you will play with Athena/Saori.

As Saori, go to left adn keep going. You will find Jamian again. Talk to him and he will give you two options: Fight him now, or wait for a better chance. Since that the first option will not give you anything good, do a favor for yourself and chose the second, okay?

Shaina will shows up. Now talk to Jamian again and chose the first option, and Saori will show her divine cosmo. Ikki will arive and WILL kick Jamian's butt. DO NOT USE PHOENIX GENMAKEN, or else in the third turn (sighfritto you really like the number 3!), Jamian will keep sending his crows, but with no effect on Ikki and the game will not go through this turn, it is going to be stucked (BUG!). So, the basic strategy is: Turn1-Expand Cosmo; Turn2-HOYOUKO TENSHO; Turn3-HOYOUKO TENSHO. End of the fight and Ikki is going to make one more HOYOUKO TENSHO for free! Now, I sugest you to buy Andromeda Lv2 and Dragon Lv2 if you don't have them. Now you will fight against Shaina. BUY 2 EXP DEF Card and spend them on Ikki with one Athena's Bless and 2 EXP COSMO lv1. Save and fight!

You will have two options. Yeah right, it shows four, but you have TWO OPTIONS! Please, chose the forth! If you did what I said before, it is going to be easy. Expand Cosmo until 1300 and HOYOUKO TENSHO until she dies. You will recive the SHAINA Card. Save.

If you chose the third option and then the first option, you won't have to fight her. Save.

After that go up and them left. More Silver Saints! Do not worry, Shiryu, Shun and Hyoga are going to show up. With Shiryu, talk to Ikki let him take the control. Save.

Fight against AURIGA Capella and just use ONE PHOENIX GENMAKEN. Talk to Capela and he will die! Now, you will have two options: Kill CERBERUS Dante with Ikki or Shun.

If you kill him using Ikki, you will recive the No Mercy CARD.

Using Shun, talk to him and recive ATTACK +2. After the battle, you will recive the Brotherly Love AND XP +1! I preffer to use Shun. Easy fight. Do I need to explain? I don't think so! Please save.

Last fight! PERSEU Algol versus Shiryu! Before throwing Shiryu inside the battle, KILL Andromeda and Cygnus! Put them to fight first and get Petrified.

After that, put Shiryu to revenge them. VERY EASY FIGHT! You do not need Expand Cosmo, but raise your defense. When Algol shows Shiryu the Medusa shield (guess the number of the turn! YES THIRD!), a scene where Shiryu is protecting himself with his shield will appear (pretty cool!). Shiryu will Blind himself and you will recive Blindness and EXP EX Rage Card Lv 1. Now Shiryu shows the strenght of his Rozan Shoryu Ha! The coolest fight EVER!

Now watch some talking and END OF THE GAME for now...

Do not do it section

Okay, lets pretend that you did not petrified Andromeda and Cygnus... CAN YOU TELL ME WHY NOT!? Okay, sorry, sorry, it won't happen again. For your luck, I have made this section here. Please, if you are going to this on purpose, buy the Dragon Lv2, some EXP ATT Lv1 and EXP DEF Lv 1 for Shiryu.

Okay, see those options? It is after Algol shows his Medusa Shield to Shiryu. The first option will let your ATTACK halved. The second option, Algol will release his Special Move. So, if you have enough Cosmo, around 1100, chose the second. To beat him is not very easy, since that he will keep showing his shield. If you do not have the Dragon Lv2, give up. If you have it and has the Cosmo of Friendship equiped it is going to be easier, just raise your Defense and then your Cosmo, now Rozan Shoryu Ha! If you have Dragon Lv2, you used all your EXP Cosmo Lv1 and Lv2, bought some EXP ATT Lv1 and EXP DEF Lv1, use every item and Rozan Shoryu Ha! But please, KILL Cygnus and Andromeda, it is just one turn!