Act II - The Silver Assassins

Act II - The Silver Assassins


Now Seiya wakes up in a beach and Misty of Lizard shows up. You can save on Seiya's grave. Check Shiryu's grave to recive one EXP SP Card Lv1. I would use it on Seiya, since that his strongest move needs 5SP. Fight Misty. You can win, but if you do so you won't recive Pegasus Rolling Crush and Pegasus Suiseiken. Lose the battle, it won't Game Over, be cool! Fight and lose again. Fight and lose again. Save. Each time you lose a battle, you gain 1XP.

Be sure to equip Seiya with Cosmo of Friendship. Fight again and you will get two options as shown in the picture. Since that we are going to follow the Manga first, chose the first, Challenge Misty again. Later I will chose the second, but not now!

If you Keep fighting continue reading, or else jump this part. Expand your cosmo. Misty will start talking to Seiya, then you will recive Pegasus Rolling Crush(2SP) and Pegasus Suiseiken(5SP) and a boost of +400 Cosmo. Now Expand Cosmo like the first fight, but now the Cosmo limit is 1500, and Pegasus Rolling Crush or Pegasus Suiseiken him. If he stands, Pegasus Ryuseiken or Engage him if you do not have any SP left.

After the battle, Hyoga will join you. Unequip Cosmo of Friendship from Seiya and give to Hyoga. Now kick Babel using Hyoga.

No need to talk to him, just keep Expanding Cosmo until third turn. Babel and Hyoga are going to have a little conversation, and Babel will use his Special Move.

Now talk to him and recive the CYGNUS Lv2. Expand Cosmo a little more and Aurora Thunder Attack him!

After the battle, Shun and Shiryu are going to join your group. You will also recive 2 Athena's Bless. Now save your game.

Equip Seiya again with the Cosmo of Friendship, heal him with Athena's Bless, if necessary, and fight the Whale Saint using Seiya. Not an easy fight anymore. Expand Cosmo until the third turn again. Talk to him to recive the Wings of Pegasus, after that just Expand Cosmo and Pegasus Rolling Crush or Pegasus Suiseiken. After the battle, fight Asterion using any Saint, I preffer using Seiya, since I do not like him. Just Talk, Talk, Talk, until you lose.

Marin will get free of the chains and will join your group (you will recive her card, if you haven't recived it yet). Save. The last battle of this Act! Talk to Marin and she will fight Asterion. Talk to Marin if you want her to kill Asterion. With Marin: Just Expand Cosmo and Eagle him anyway you like! Easy fight, end of the Act II.


Going back in time a little bit. Remember this scene? Select the second option now, Take time to recover.

Marin and Kiki will appear and Marin will give you the Marin Card. Now let Marin beat Misty. As Marin, fight against Misty and Talk to him. At the end of the battle, you will recive the Misty Card. To beat him with Marin is the same thing, Expand Cosmo and Eagle Toe Flash! After the battle, the game will continue as normal. If you do not Talk against Misty, you won't recive his Card.

On the fight against Asterion, if you choose Shun or Shiryu, you will recive their Lv2 Cosmo. Hard fight, but you can make it easier giving them 3 EXP DEF Card.